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OPDI NewsToGo Issue #486 June 13, 2016

Highlights include:    More on the "Patients First" Bill 210; Good News for Co-op Tenants;  Antidepressants Ineffective for Young People; ODSP Peer Support Navigator Program Registration (Toronto); Mad Pride Toronto Update; PSACC and AMHO Conference Presentations Now Online; Jobs; News; and More.

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1.  Important Legislation Seeks to Integrate Health Care and Eliminate CCACs (update)

Bill 210 aims, among other priorities, to improve communication among stakeholders in healthcare.  This report out of Sault Ste. Marie says a lot on what needs to be done better:

Ontario Doctors Rarely Communicate with Patients' Community Case Managers, Home-Care Providers, New Health Quality Ontario Says

An aggrieved doctor lists his issues with the Bill.  The commentator who posted the link on Twitter makes the rebuttal that we need integrated healthcare in the province:

Doctors Must Lead or Lose Privilege -- Bill 210

2.  Ontario Cabinet Shuffle Monday Morning

The press release of the Cabinet shuffle is here.

3.  Ontario Newsroom

Provincial Boards and Agencies to have 40% Female Board Members by 2019

The province has targeted greater gender diversity in provincial boards and agencies:

Ontario Sets Gender Diversity Targets

Ontario Health Minister and Attorney General Issue Statement on Physician Assisted Dying

The statement makes it clear that with last year's Supreme Court decision and in the absence of any direct federal legislation, the Ontario government has laid out tentative supports for people seeking to take action:

Statement by Ontario's Minister of Health and Long-Term Care and Attorney General on Medically Assistance in Dying

These two news stories go further in details:

Physician-Assisted Death in Ontario Comes with a Legal Caveat

Ontario Hospitals Allowed to Opt Out of Assisted Dying
4.  Ottawa to Offer Financial Assistance to Co-op Housing and Low-Income Tenants

It appears that financial measures will be put in place for co-ops that will allow tenants who are currently paying subsidized rents to continue to do so going forward:

Mortgage Relief for Co-op Housing Providers Announced

A press release from the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada offers more information and reaction:

Housing Co-ops to Sleep Easy After Rental Subsidies Extended for Low Income Members
5.  Healthy Debate -- Diane

This profile of an indigenous nurse (a first-person narrative) walks you through the resilient life story of a survivor and offers many insights to the need for the recently announced Ontario First Nations Health Strategy:

Healthy Debate -- Faces of Health Care (Diane R.)

6.  Timely Access to Children and Youth Mental Health Services

In light of the Woodstock suicide "crisis", we have a report that examines the issue of responsiveness to the needs of young adults and children around mental health needs:

Youth Reaching for Mental Health Care Find a "Big Gap" in Delivery

In a related article, the CAMH blog considers an innovative approach to have "co-locating" youth mental health services under one roof.  Three locations are planned for the Toronto area:

Three New Clinics for Youth Mental Health are "One-Stop Shop"

7.  AMHO, CMHA Ontario, and Health Quality Ontario Joint Quality Improvement Project

This initiative was broadly shared at the recent AMHO conference.  For a write-up of what the E-QIP "Excellence through Quality Improvement Project" is all about, please review this piece from the CMHA Ontario website:

Partnering to Make Mental Health and Addictions Care Better

8.  The Push Towards Reduced Use of ERs for Persons with MH & A Issues

In a contrarian approach, a St. Michael's Hospital psychiatrist partnered with a researcher make the case through research that ER "overuse" is often prompted by a corresponding lack of community supports:

Reframing Our View of "Unnecessary " Emergency Department Visits

9.  Blackberry Messages and Personal Emails Subject to FOI (Freedom of Information) Requests in Ontario

The Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner spells it out:

TIL:  Personal Email, BBMs, Subject to FOI, Watchdog Tells Public Servants

10.  Call for New Mental Health and Addictions Collaborative for North East LHIN

Dr. Brian Rush was engaged by the LHIN to review their addiction services.  The recommendations may resonate beyond this one jurisdiction:

Call for New Mental Health and Addictions Collaborative for North East

11.  Market Share Battle:  Medicinal Marijuana Versus Opioids

This story about Canadian veterans and their burgeoning requests for prescribed marijuana with a subsequent slowdown in opioids scripts reveals how legalization might affect market share for two different kinds of painkillers in this country:

Among Veterans, Opioid Prescription Requests Down in Step with Rise in Medical Pot


12.  Resource:  "From Mental Illness to a Social Model of Madness and Distress"

A professor of social policy and three people with lived experience of mental health and addictions collaborate to write this 2016 British report (replete with many quotes from service users) that assess if the medical model of mental illness is sufficient and considers other models of madness.  Readers will nod as they learn about the often misleading use of "recovery" and the how social approaches to mental illness are more suitable to effect a "whole person" look at care:

From Mental Illness to a Social Model of Madness and Distress

13.  Health Quality Ontario Seeks Feedback on Draft Mental Health Standards (repeat)

This provincial health agency has drafted Quality Standards for three mental health conditions:  Schizophrenia, Serious Depression and Dementia.  They are looking for feedback.  Each of the three comes with a quality standard and a patient reference guide.  You are invited to email feedback by June 14, 2016.

14.  Highly Publicized Meta-Analysis Shows Antidepressants Ineffective for Young People

From 34 studies, researchers concluded that Prozac seemed to work better than a placebo, while another antidepressant actually raised the risk of self-harm and suicide:

For Young People with Major Depression, Antidepressants May Help Little if at All

15.  Research on Employment for People with Mental Disorders

Persons with diagnoses of autism and bipolar disorder can be valuable candidates for employment.  A Swedish psychiatrist is researching how business stand to benefit with such hiring practices:

People with Mental Disorders are Becoming Highly Sought-After Job Candidates -- Here's Why

16.  Can Voice Analysis App Be Used to Monitor Moods?

The frequency of texting and calling and the frequency with which the user leaves home apparently is the data collected to plot out mood swings:

Cogito and MGH Test Voice App to Monitor Moods


17.  Ontario Government Promotes its Mental Health Helpline

Connex Ontario is using its dedicated webpage to recast a more user-friendly approach to the general public in advertising its helpline and variety of access to services (including online chat).

18.   Alternatives to Self-Harm

This infographic has a few suggestions on what to do when faced with the temptation to self-harm:

19.    Excerpt from Mary Ellen Copeland's "Wrap Plus" (2010 Book)

The list of ten steps to being an effective self-advocate can be found here.

20.  Taking Care of Your Finances While in Recovery

This column has some good tips on taking care of money and is written by a Canadian:

Managing Money While Recovering from Mental Illness!


21.  ODSP Peer Support Navigator Program Registration Now Available

This Toronto-area program offered by the Self-Help Resource Centre is now accepting registrations for the program that will begin in July.  Please check out this poster for full details.

22.  Mad Pride Toronto July 11 - 17, 2016

Please find attached a link to the Mad Pride Toronto website, a strategy and discussion event for peer supporters/peer navigators/Mad-identified workers, and calls for volunteers and artists/musicians for the Mad Hatter Street Fair and Marketplace.  Please refer to this PDF poster for all the details.

23.  PSACC Conference Presentations Now Online

The presentations from the April 27 - 29th 2016 conference are now online.  Please go to this webpage and click on the "Presentations" menu at the top.  Then point your mouse underneath the title of the presentation you wish to view and it will be available (also downloadable).

24.  AMHO Conference Presentations Now Online

You can access last month's conference archive of presentations here.

25.  Job Postings

Stella's Place in Toronto has a summer position for an Event Coordinator.

Addictions and Mental Health Ontario is hiring a Finance and Operations Manager.  They are also posting for Board members with a deadline of August 15th.
26.  Congratulations to Heather Bullock

Best known for her role as Knowledge Exchange Manager at CAMH, and overseer of EENet, Heather has been bolstering her credentials by pursuing her PhD at McMaster University.  She has just received the prestigious Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship.  Find out more.

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