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OPDI NewsToGo Issue #445

Highlights include:  Police Shooting; Homelessness; Hearing Voices; Mad Pride Week; Pat Capponi's Birthday Present; Jobs; News; and More.


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1. Ontario Newsroom

An innovative primary care facility based in the community opened this week in Toronto:

Ontario Investing Up to $13.1 Million in New Regent Park Clinic

Ontario is taking steps to appoint its first ever patient ombudsman, and is seeking public consultations to find out what kind of qualifications and skills that person would have:

Ontario's First Patient Ombudsman

The province is launching a Youth Action Plan geared towards high-risk youth and high-needs communities, and in doing so is fostering positive health promotion, social inclusion, and employment opportunities:

Ontario Launches Enhanced Youth Action Plan

2.  A Tragic and Unnecessary Toronto Police Shooting of a Racialized Person with a Mental Health History

Here are some links related to this ongoing story:

SIU Investigating After Man Dies in Eglinton West

Video Captures Moments Before Fatal Police Shooting

"He Didn't Deserve to Die"

CBC Metro Morning "Mental Health Shooting"

Andrew Loku's Death by a Bullet Came Quickly

Death of Andrew Loku Underscores Need for Police Restraint (Editorial)

Andrew Loku Didn't Have to Die

Groups Want Police Practices to Change in Light of Fatal Shooting

On an altruistic note, CMHA Toronto and Across Boundaries have launched a fundraiser site to help pay for a funeral:

Please Help Pay for Andrew's Funeral

3. Police Training in Crisis Situations

Global News has a feature report on what can be done to make police do better in encounters with persons with mental illness:

"Psychiatrists in Blue":  How Do You Train Police to be Better Social Workers?

A psychiatric survivor says she would have the best perspective:

Years after being Tasered, Ontario Woman Plans to Teach Police How to Handle Mental Illness

4. Police Self-Stigma, Training and Suicide

After the tragic suicide of a Hamilton policeman (the latest in a series), the force sought help.  Here is a profile of a woman (a suicide intervention trainer) who is working with the body:

Meet the Woman Who is Teaching Hamilton Police How to Talk about Suicide

5. Collaboration between Mental Health and the Police

In the city that headquarters the OPP, the local CMHA is partnering with the provincial force to provide better mental health calls:

OPP, CMHA Working Together

6. Caution:  Housing First Does Not Solve Homelessness

Despite the positive aspects of the Housing First/Chez Soi approach, it doesn't mean it is a cure-all.  These front-line staff explore the nuances:

Why Housing First Won't End Homelessness

7. Inadvertent Circumstances:  Lack of Will in United States for Gun Control, But Harsher Mental Health Legislation is Possible

This article explores the complexity of the gun debate in the United States and what legislators may settle for in lieu of the real issue (is there a lesson for Canadians?):

This is Why Bringing Back a Gun-Control Debate Back to Congress Could be Impossible

8. Health Canada Warning on Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

The federal agency is raising awareness of liver damage with improper use of this common painkiller.

Health Canada Taking New Action to Improve Acetaminophen Safety

This website shows you where this ingredient can be found in medications:

Know Your Dose:  Common Medicines


9. The Dream Team:  A Bill of Rights for Permanent Supportive Housing

This write-up in the Homelessness Hub resource section bookmarks the new advocacy group's take on the rights of persons who live in supportive housing:

Towards a New Bill of Rights:  The Voice of Tenants in Permanent Supportive Housing

10. Too Much Exposure to Screens:  A Youth Mental Disorder?

The pervasive and harmful over-use of personal electronics by children is profiled here:

Screen Addiction is Taking a Toll on Children

11. A Feature Print Article and a Radio Documentary about a Woman's Hearing Voices

The same person (Marcie Good) profiles a voice hearer, Natasha Merrick in print and via radio:

Hearing Voices (article)

Hearing Voices -- Tapestry (radio podcast)

12. Resource:  HeadsUpGuys Website for Men with Depression

The website attests to being for men, about men, and is devoted to health strategies to manage and prevent depression:


13. A Doctor's Guide to the ER

Here are some tips on how to make that trip to the ER better for everyone:

An Insider's Guide to Navigating the Emergency Room

14. Schizophrenia and Smoking

English researchers believe there may be a direct link between this mental diagnosis and people who take up smoking.  Smokers may not only be more likely to develop mental health issues, but at a younger age:

Smoking "May Play Schizophrenia Role"


15.  Health Quality Ontario Conference Call for Abstracts

Health Quality Transformation Conference takes place in October, and abstracts are being accepted:

Abstract Submissions

16. Mad Pride Week

We have attached a copy of the Consumer/Survivor Info Centre's current issue with all the details.

17. Mapping the Voyage:  The Search for Evidence Webinar
In this webinar you’ll learn about the results of EENet’s social network analysis. Find out:

  • Who is looking for mental health and substance use evidence in Ontario?
  • Where are people going to meet their evidence needs?
  • What makes evidence sources useful and trustworthy?
The archive of this July 8th webinar is now available online:

Mapping the Voyage:  The Search for Evidence

18. Charity Village Job Postings

AMHO (Addictions and Mental Health Ontario) is hiring two Research Policy Analysts.

CMHA Ontario is looking for a Mood Walks Project Manager.

CMHA Waterloo Wellington Dufferin is looking for a Team Lead, Centre for Excellence in Peer Support.

Summit Housing and Outreach Program (Halton Region) is hiring a Peer Specialist for their Homes Program.

19.  AMHO Board Nominations

Find out about the Board Recruitment process through this poster. Deadline is August 1, 2015.

20.  American Webinar:  Advancing the Sustainability of Peer-Run Organizations and Recovery Community Organizations

This SAMHSA webinar will be close-captioned and a transcript later made available.

21.  Congratulations to Pat Capponi and her Order of Canada

Announced on her birthday, no less!  It could not happen to a more worthy recipient.  Here is Catherine Porter's story from the Toronto Star:

Pat Capponi's Order of Canada Recognizes Advocacy for Mentally Ill

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