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OPDI NewsToGo Issue #431 March 18, 2015

Highlights include:   MoreLHIN Announcement on $2 Million MH & A Investments; OPDI Peer Support Training Seminar; COI for Racialized Populations and OCAN; Quitting Smoking and Anti-Depressants; News; and More.


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1. Training Expectations Webinar

If you are interested in learning more about OPDI Peer Support Core Essentials ™ Training please join us for a free webinar on Wednesday, April 1st @ 12:00pm Toronto time.  The topic is related to the process and expectations of training, and potential training participants (or their sponsoring employers) are welcome to attend and have all questions answered.  To register please email opdi@opdi.org.

2. LHINs Announce New Mental Health Funding (updates)

Champlain LHIN has $11.2 million in investments to announce:

More Support for Mental Health and Addiction Services in Champlain

Erie St. Clair LHIN has this website announcement:

Investing in Community Mental Health and Addiction Services Across Erie St. Clair

The press release from the North East LHIN is here.

Central LHIN's mental health and addictions funding received press coverage:

Provincial Funding Announced for Mental Health and Addiction Organizations

3. Community of Interest for Racialized Populations Event Registration Now Open (deadline March 18 - today!)

On behalf of the Community of Interest (COI) for Racialized Populations and Mental Health and Addictions, I would like to invite you to an all-day think tank on March 23, 2015 at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto. The purpose of this event is to promote knowledge sharing and stakeholder dialogue on Exploring the Potential of OCAN for Advancing Equity in Mental Health.   
The goals of the event are to:

  • Engage in dialogue about the potential of the OCAN to help identify the socio-economic needs of racialized populations;
  • Identify innovative practices to increase equitable mental health services for all; and
  • Develop recommendations for using OCAN data to guide program and policy planning

We are pleased to announce two speakers at the event:

  • Frank Sirotich, Director of Community Support and Research, Canadian Mental Health Association, Toronto Branch, and
  • Jennifer Zosky, Clinical Lead, CMH Common Assessment Project, Community Care Information Management.
A panel discussion with key stakeholders from multiple levels of the system will take place in the afternoon, along with breakout sessions.
A flyer is attached for further details. To register online, click here. The registration deadline is March 18, 2015.  Webinar options are available to those unable to join in person. 

4. A Thorough Explanation of Why One Has to Wait to Get a Psychiatrist

This article is a must-read:

Why is the Wait So Long to See A Psychiatrist?

5. Sex Conversion Therapy in the News
NDP MPP Cheri DiNovi wants to ban the practice of changing one's sexual orientation or gender identity of anyone under 18:

Ontario New Democrat Proposes Ban on So-Called Conversion Therapy

CAMH is conducting a review of its Gender Identity Services and will not take on new patients in the meantime:

Outcry Prompts CAMH to Review its Controversial Treatment of Trans Youth

A related article by a researcher suggests that indeed the CAMH Clinic "encourages children to conform to expectations for their birth sex":

"Fix Society. Please."

6. "Bringing Care Home" Report

An expert group on community and home care has delivered its report with 16 recommendations.  Little was found in the report about mental health and addictions, although there was a call for the newly formed Ontario Mental
Health and Addictions Leadership Advisory Council to
include home and community care in its attention to
and monitoring of the Ontario Mental Health Strategy.

The press release with access to the report is here:

Ontario Endorses Expert Report on Home and Community Care

7. "Housing First" Approach Lauded
The Huffington Post has a nice summary of the "At Home/Chez Soi" peer-reviewed article in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association and also points to American projects that have shown success:

This Critical Step Could Keep Homeless People with Mental Illness Off the Streets

8. Canadian Prison Ombudsman Future Unclear

Howard Sapers, who has drawn awareness of mental health care needs and solitary confinement, among other issues on his watch, does not know if his term of office will be extended:

Canadian Prison Ombudsman Howard Sapers' Fate Uncertain

9. Pros and Cons of Alcohol in Grocery Stores

This CAMH blog entry examines the complex issue of balancing the potential rise in alcohol harm with increasing provincial revenues by making it more available:

Selling Alcohol in Grocery Stores:  Hidden Risks and Alternative Options


10. Approaches to Care Explained

This webpage at Portico ("Canada's Mental Health and Addiction Network") spells out such terms as "integrative care" and "health promotion" and offers resources on them:

Approaches to Care

11. Quitting Smoking Better than Using Anti-Depressants

This startling conclusion is drawn from this analysis of 26 studies that analyzed people's mental health before and after smoking cessation:

Quitting Smoking More Effective than Anti-Depressants

12. The Links between Obesity and Depression

The emergence of inflammation as a common connection for the way they affect the human body is described in this piece:

Obesity and Depression:  Symptoms of a Common Cause?

13. A Study of Hearing Voices

That this article was published in the Lancet makes it quite interesting:

Experiences of Hearing Voices


14. Peer Support South East Ontario Job Posting

PSSEO is looking for a Community Peer Support Coordinator:


15. Learn About Community Integration in this Webinar
The April 14th webinar takes place between noon and 1 pm and is part of the Integration Resources initiative.  The CMHA Ontario webpage is the source for more information.

16.  Family Outreach and Response (FOR) Toronto Conference
FOR is hosting a one-day conference on Saturday April 25, 2015 for family members. This conference is designed to offer information, tools and strategies to assist families in navigating the mental health system and in improving their own wellness. Please see attached flyer for full program.
To learn more and register visit https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/families-count-healing-together-tickets-15781172913.

 17. CAMH Seeks Constituency Members

Please refer to this link for more information:

CAMH Constituency Council is now Recruiting for New Members

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