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OPDI NewsToGo Issue #430 March 9, 2015

Highlights include:   First LHIN Announcement on $2 Million MH & A Investments; Health Links; COI for Racialized Populations and OCAN; Peer Support South East Ontario; News; and More.


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1. $28 Million Investment in Mental Health and Addictions in Ontario (follow up)

A variety of investments to support greater access to community mental health services including peer supports, was in the announcement.  The government also plans to create an inpatient registry of mental health beds:

Ontario Investing $28 Million in Mental Health and Addictions Services

The Waterloo-Wellington LHIN has made an announcement of where its $2 million will be invested:

Funding Boosts Support For Those Facing Mental Health and Addiction Issues

2. Health Links in the News

The Ministry of Health has been publicizing the development of Health Links individualized to the needs of complex chronic care patients who make up a disproportionate amount of the costs of healthcare.

They are explained on the Ministry's website:

Community Health Links

Dr. Kwame McKenzie of the Wellesley Institute makes the point that if social determinants of health are not considered in developing Health Links, they will accumulate more clients.  People need to use Health Links and move on:

Health Links:  Why Services and Needs Must Align

There is a reference to the Ways and Means conference in Dr. McKenzie's article.  An informal summary of the proceedings can be found here:

Breaking Through the Silos

3. Community of Interest for Racialized Populations Event Registration Now Open (deadline March 13)

On behalf of the Community of Interest (COI) for Racialized Populations and Mental Health and Addictions, I would like to invite you to an all-day think tank on March 23, 2015 at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto. The purpose of this event is to promote knowledge sharing and stakeholder dialogue on Exploring the Potential of OCAN for Advancing Equity in Mental Health.   
The goals of the event are to:

  • Engage in dialogue about the potential of the OCAN to help identify the socio-economic needs of racialized populations;
  • Identify innovative practices to increase equitable mental health services for all; and
  • Develop recommendations for using OCAN data to guide program and policy planning

We are pleased to announce two speakers at the event:

  • Frank Sirotich, Director of Community Support and Research, Canadian Mental Health Association, Toronto Branch, and
  • Jennifer Zosky, Clinical Lead, CMH Common Assessment Project, Community Care Information Management.
A panel discussion with key stakeholders from multiple levels of the system will take place in the afternoon, along with breakout sessions.
A flyer is attached for further details. To register online, click here. The registration deadline is March 13, 2015.  Webinar options are available to those unable to join in person. 

4. Ministry of Labour Hosts Work-Related Traumatic Stress Conference

A summit took place last week to explore best practices in traumatic work stress and was attended by a variety of first responders organizations.  A press release is available:

Ontario Taking Steps to Reduce the Impacts of Work-Related Traumatic Mental Stress

5. Justin Trudeau Speaks Out on Harm Reduction
The Liberal Leader had this to say about supervised injection sites and harm reduction:

Justin Trudeau tells UBC students he wants supervised injection sites across Canada

6. Social Assistance in the News

A software glitch apparently sent social assistance records to the wrong addressees:

Hundreds of Social Assistance Recipients Affected by Privacy Breach

A man faces eviction through no fault of his own because the oft-criticized new social assistance software failed to pay his rent on time:

Social Assistance Glitch Could Lead to Toronto Man's Eviction

7. Vincent Li in the News
This individual found NCR recently received more privileges as the path towards entering a group home becomes more likely.  This has stirred up media attention:

Offenders Deemed Not Criminally Responsible Unlikely to Reoffend:  Experts

How are Offenders Deemed Fit for Escorted Day Passes (TV show)

Vince Li Faces Threat of Vigilante Justice, Advocate Says

(yes, we know header is sensationalized and pins a quote on Chris Summerville that he never said)

8. Ottawa Eliminates High Risk Sex Offender Prevention Program

Presumably as part of its "tough on crime" policy, the "Circles of Support and Accountability" program has lost its federal funding, forcing most of the 18 locations to close:

Sex Crime Protection Program Closed by Ottawa

9. Diana Capponi Client Education Fund Launch (repeat)

Please read here how you can contribute to the Diana Capponi Client Education Fund at CAMH:

CAMH Launches the Diana Capponi Client Education Fund


10. First Nations:  Competencies for Canada's Substance Abuse Workforce (repeat)

This resource by the CCSA (Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse) is culturally sensitive with respect to working with indigenous populations:

Technical Competencies Guide for Working with First Nations Clients

11. Guideline on Treatment of Harms Resulting from Prescription Drug Use

The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) co-produced this resource inventory (consisting of titles of references and hyperlinks for those sources):

Inventory of Guidelines On the Treatment of Harms Resulting from Prescription Drug Use

12. "Psychosis Sucks"

Here is a provocative dissent to an earlier piece we have highlighted from the New York Times about a more fluid approach to viewing psychosis:

Antipsychiatry and the Romanticization of Mental Illness

13. Abraham Lincoln's Depression

This is a fascinating read (from 2005) about his mental state and how this American President overcame his diagnosis:

Lincoln's Great Depression


14. Welcome to Peer Support South East Ontario

The CSI formerly known as Mental Health Support Network (South East Ontario) has a new name and is transitioning to a new website:  psseo.ca.

15. St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton:  "Risk and Recovery Forensic Conference
Please refer to this link for more information about this April 9-10 2015 conference in Hamilton.

16.  Workshop with Dr. Gabor Mate (London)

The workshop is titled:  "Depression, Anxiety and Addictions from a New Perspective:  The Myth of Normal and takes place Monday, September 28 (note date has changed).  For more information and to register, please visit here.


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