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OPDI NewsToGo Issue #410 September 30, 2014

Highlights include: Diana Capponi -- An Appreciation; Ontario Cabinet Mandate Letters; NCR Myths; First Responders and Suicide; Exercise and Depression; News; and More.

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1. Diana Capponi -- An Appreciation

Diana Capponi's Toronto Star obituary, a notice from the Consumer/Survivor Information Resource Centre of Toronto, Facebook messages with numerous comments from well-wishers through Pat, her sister's account, and an article by Catherine Porter are among the tributes paid to this individual who did so much for the consumer/survivor movement locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally.  NTG also has personal thoughts as well.

2. Ontario Premier Sends Mandate Letters to Cabinet Ministers

Mandate letters are essentially homework assignments for ministers at the beginning of the new Ontario provincial government. The press release can be found here.

The Ontario Non-Profit Network covers this issue well with an infographic of the Ontario government and a summation of the letters to the ministries appropriate to the voluntary sector along with direct hyperlinks:

September 2014 ONN Newsletter

Specifically of interest to the mental health and addictions field is the request from the Premier to the Minister of Community and Social Services to review police records check in the context of policing and civil liberties. As well, the Ministry of Children and Youth is urged to continued with interministerial collaboration with her colleagues including the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to continue with efforts in creating the "healthy, resilient and inclusive communities".

3. NCR Designation -- Myths Debunked

This Global News interview with the CAMH's head of forensic services dispells some incorrect assumptions about "not criminally responsible".

4. First Responders' Suicides in the News

The latest death -- of an Ottawa police offer who often liaised with the media -- raises the question of government inaction in this report.

5. So Who Uses Food Banks?  People with Disabilities Are More Likely to Do So

This year's study of the GTA's food banks finds that the use of them by people who are disabled (on ODSP) has been increasing over the years:

Disability Makes Poverty Likelier than Ever:  Report
6.  B.C. Report Links Drug Overdoses with Social Assistance Cheques Release Dates
The authors conclude by making the case for dispersal of harm:  people will be involved in a second study where their monies are staggered in distribution, hoping to see lower levels of overdose:

"Cheque Day" Linked to Drug Overdose Risk in B.C.
7. Eating Fruit and Vegetables and Mental Wellness

A theoretical companion study linking incomes with eating fruit and vegetables -- that would be interesting:
Fruit, Vegetable Intake Associated with Mental Wellbeing

8. Marijuana Legalization and Opioid Manufacturers

On the surface they may not have much in common, but as this blog entry lays out, the funds that pay for anti-pot advocacy come from parties with a lot to lose:

Are Opioid Manufacturers Keeping Cannabis Drugs Off the Market?

9. How Exercise Affects Depression
This article looks at the biochemical process that affects brain chemistry when you exercise:

Exercise as a Prescription for Depression

9. Ontario Children and Youth Mental Health and Addictions Snapshot
The Ontario government website released this infographic effective August 2014 to summarize its progress since designating children and youth as its priorities in its mental health and addictions strategy:

Ontario's Mental Health Strategy August 2014 Snapshot
10. Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Diet
Individuals recovering from drug addictions may find that they replace one substance with another (i.e. sugar).  This New York Times blog examines the issue.


11. More on the New ODSP/Ontario Works Rates and a Northern Allowance
The government press release is here. For a media article with reaction from the NDP critic, here is the story:

12. Paul Garfinkel's CBC Radio Show

In this hour-long talk show on CBC, Dr. Paul Garfinkel, former CEO of CAMH, discusses psychiatry then and now as detailed in his memoir: 
Is Psychiatric Care Getting Better?

13.  McKesson Foundation

The McKesson Foundation has launched its 2015 Regional Grants Program, which offers $2,500 to $25,000 to non-profit organizations helping children and youth in health, education, and poverty.  For more information, please check out this Charity Village blog entry from their NewsBytes.

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