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OPDI NewsToGo Issue #409 September 23, 2014

Highlights include: New Training Initiative for Those Working with Children and Youth; Canadian Opioids Dispensing Study; Critiquing the new Ontario Anti-Poverty Strategy; Suicide Prevention Website; News; and More.

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1. CMHA Ontario Announces “Working with Children and Youth with Complex Mental Health Needs” Training Initiative

CMHA, Ontario Division has launched a special initiative funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services intended to assist service providers across sectors with free online and face-to-face training opportunities in working with the needs of children and youth.  You can find out more:
CMHA Ontario Announces Project Launch

2. Ontario Human Rights Commission “Minds that Matter” Summary

The legal firm of Borden Ladner Gervais offers a helpful prĂ©cis of the recent “Minds that Matter” paper released this past summer by the OHRC:
OHRC Releases New Policy on Protecting Those with Psychosocial Disabilities

3. Opioid Dispensing Continues to Soar in Canada

Canadian are prescribed more than 30 million opioid doses annually, and over 1,000 die from using them:
High-Dose Opioid Painkillers Still Prescribed at High Rates in Canada

4. Federal Corrections Watchdog Links Segregation Practices with Suicides

Howard Sapers, the Corrections Investigator, has produced a report that links the practice of isolating inmates in segregation cells with attempts at suicide or self-harm:
Prison Suicide Report Blasts Corrections Canada

5. Critiquing the New Anti-Poverty Plan

The Toronto Star’s Carol Goar reviews the latest anti-poverty strategy and concludes that without targets or new money, we shouldn’t expect too much:
More Spin than Substance in New Anti-Poverty Plan
6.  Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse Calls for Marijuana Policy Review
The CCSA, which is funded by Health Canada, has called for funding to drive the evidence for which to possibly effect legislative changes to current pot laws:
Substance Abuse Centre Calls for Pot Policy Review

6. Suicide Prevention Website Launch
Please read this press release to access the new suicideprevention.ca website:
New Website Seeks to Save Lives

7. Community of Interest for Racialized Populations and MH & A
The last of three blog entries by Sheela Subramanian has been posted  in Qualaxia that explains the engagement of peers with lived experience into the culmination of a successful think tank event that explored the issue of ethno-racial individuals using the emergency department:
The Challenging Realities of Immigrant Mental Health

8. Schizophrenia Posited to be a Group of Eight Disorders
Scientists believe that they have linked eight different disorders to changes in clusters of genes that result in different symptoms:
Schizophrenia is Eight Different Diseases, not One

9. NISA (Sudbury CSI) E-Newsletter

Anytime an organization moves into a new and bigger facility is cause for celebration; read about NISA’s Open House this month:

NISA September 2014 Newsletter
10. Waypoint Patient/Client and Family Council “Voice of Hope” Newsletter
The Fall 2014 issue is here.


11. AMHO Community of Practice Meetings

Addictions and Mental Health Ontario is holding the next twice-yearly meetings on November 3 and 4 at the Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel.  You can find more information at the webpage.

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