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OPDI NewsToGo Issue #403 July 28, 2014

Highlights include: First Look at the Iacobucci Report (Independent Review of the Use of Lethal Force by the Toronto Police Service); Toronto Police Policy on Records Checks Unchanged; Ontario Budget Passes; November 2014 OPDI Core Essentials (TM) Peer Support Training in Brantford; OPDI Conference Registration Package; News; and More.


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1. Iacobucci Report on Lethal Force Use by Toronto Police Service is Released

The executive summary and full report can be found here:


Here are some initial responses to the report:

Don’t Want Cops to be Psychiatrists in Blue?  Fund Mental Health Services

Iacobucci Offers a Blueprint:  Will We Heed it?

When Police Meet People in Crisis

For a media report, please visit this story:

Sammy Yatim killing:  More Officers Should Wear Cameras

2. Toronto Police Will Continue Police Records Checks

Disappointingly, the TPS will continue to report on non-criminal references in police records checks:

Toronto Police to Keep Sharing Non-Conviction Records

The Toronto Star disagrees:

Queen’s Park Should Limit Police Disclosure of Private Information

3. Ontario Budget Passes

You can learn more here:


4. Announcement OPDI Core Essentials (TM) Peer Support Training

Please see the attached poster and application form for full details about the November 2014 training program taking place in Brampton.  Registration deadline is Friday, October 10.  For more information, please email opdi@opdi.org.

5. Suicides, Stress and First Responders

We have a news report of suicides reported across Canada of first responders:

Experts Warn Rash of Suicides by First Responders is a Red Flag

In South Simcoe (York Region), one man wants to do something about it:

Peer Support Reduces the Stigma

6. Mental Health Commission of Canada Summer Newsletter

The Mental Health Commission of Canada’s summer e-newsletter is here:


Worth singling out within the newsletter is the report of a Data Project which seeks to harmonize research to come up with standardized indicators that will lead to evidence-based mental health and addictions policies and practices Canada-wide.  You can read more about what’s in the works here:
MHCC Data Project

7. Sunwing Incident and what It Says About Youth Mental Health

This news report has the viewpoint of a mental health expert on the shortcomings of the youth mental health system:
Sunwing Incident Highlights Holes in Ontario’s Mental health Care System


8. Tipsheet on Addiction Terms

Here’s a tipsheet for addiction acronyms and abbreviations:
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse Resource Sheet of Addictions Acronyms and Abbreviations

9. PSACC (Peer Support Accreditation and Certification Canada) Encourages Networking

In their own words:  "Though PSACC does not provide peer support training programs or curriculum, we are happy to facilitate networking! Comment on this post if you would like to connect with others on this subject."

10.  More Information about Anti-Spam Legislation (repeat)

For those of you who are concerned about the new anti-spam legislation, our colleagues at our office have been sharing information and resources:

a)  Here's an article from MailChimp, the program most associate with direct e-mailing:


b)  Techsoup, the non-profit that distributes software to other non-profits, has a walkthrough here,with some webinar content.  As the contributor explains, there is no easy "quick-and-dirty way" through it, but this is the closest we can get:


c)  Another resource:  http://micrometrics.co/blog/need-know-conquer-casl/

The legislation has a lot of parts, but distills it down to two things:

  • Anyone on your email lists must consent (actively opt in) to receiving the messages
  • Any future messages must contain instructions on how to opt out

Keep reading NTG -- we will try to provide updates.


10. A Survey for Peer Supporters, Peer Volunteers, and Employers of Peer Supporters (repeat)

TaylorNewberry Consulting is conducting for OPDI a survey of Ontario peer support workers and volunteers in order to inform our representation of the voice and needs of peer support.  Please share this link (by forwarding this issue of NewsToGo) with anyone you know who is working in a peer support role, whether paid or volunteer, IN ONTARIO ONLY:

We have enclosed a letter to explain the purpose of the survey to those individuals as well.  Thank you.
A separate survey for employers of peer workers is here:

You can also save the above message in the form of a PDF attachment and forward it as well (with the links and letter).  Thank you for your assistance.

11. OPDI Lighthouse Awards

We are pleased to attach the poster, brochure and nomination forms for individuals and organizations for the Fifth Annual OPDI Lighthouse Awards.  Please forward these on to your staff, board, members, clients and others in your network of people involved in the mental health and addictions system throughout Ontario.

Please feel free to print off a copy or two and post to your bulletin boards.

12. OPDI Seeks Board Members (repeat)

OPDI is currently seeking Board members.  In accordance with OPDI's by-laws, Board members must be a member in good standing of an OPDI member organization. If you are interested, please see the attached nomination letter and application.  Please forward this email to consumer members, staff or directors of your organization whom you think would be interested and whom you can support as excellent board candidates.

The deadline for nominations is August 1, 2014.

13. Just Out: "Mobilizing Peer Support in Ontario" 2014 Conference Registration Package

You can find the package for the October 6th and 7th conference here.  Deadline is September 8, 2014.
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