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OPDI NewsToGo Issue #400 July 7, 2014

Highlights include: CRTC Issues New Information for Anti-Spam Legislation and Charities; Updated Employment Standards Act; Ontario Housing Crisis also a Health Crisis; Mad Pride Toronto and Hamilton; Caffeine Overdose Kills; News; and More.


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  1. OPDI Seeks Board Members (repeat)

OPDI is currently seeking Board members.  In accordance with OPDI’s by-laws, Board members must be a member in good standing of an OPDI member organization.  If you are interested please see the attached nomination letter and application.  Please forward this email to consumer members, staff or directors of your organization whom you think would be interested and whom you can support as excellent board candidates.
The deadline for Board nominations is August 1, 2014.

  1. CRTC Provides Information on Anti-Spam Legislation and Charities

Canada’s new anti-spam law came into effect July 1, 2014, and there has been a lot of confusion and frantic activity in the field.  This press release provides some guidance on what actions that non-profit organizations can take:
CRTC Releases Anti-Spam Guidance for Charities
The Ontario Non-Profit Network has a check list of what to look out for:

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation and your Non-Profit
For an informative background on what to do with your mailing list, this article from the Globe and Mail may be useful (your agency’s situation may vary):
Four Cost-Effective Ways to Stay Compliant with CASL

  1. Ontario Employment Standards Act (New Edition)

This new version reflects the changes to the minimum wage that took place July 1, 2014:
Employment Standards Poster

  1. Clara’s Big Ride to Raise Awareness of Mental Health – An Interview

While the physical pains of travelling across Canada over 110 days seems very high, even more so was the anguish of hearing people’s stories for someone who took them to heart:
Physical Pain of Clara Hughes’ Epic Ride Paled Next to Emotional Toll

  1. Marijuana Legalization in Colorado:  Lessons Learned

Increased tax revenues, drops in petty crime, and an American public increasingly in favour of decriminalization – these are the early consequences of one state’s experience:

Here’s the Lawless Hellscape Colorado has become after Legalizing Weed

  1. Fentanyl Overdoses Suspected in Montreal

Montreal Public Health in the last month has reported a string of overdoses; CBC News reports that this extremely strong opioid could be responsible for several of the deaths:
Rash of Fatal Overdoses could be Linked to Fentanyl

  1. Drs. Stephen Hwang (St. Michael’s Hospital) and Kwame McKenzie (Wellesley Institute, CAMH) on Housing and Health

These two distinguished researchers from the At Home/Chez Soi study put out their views in this Toronto Star Op-Ed:
Ontario’s Housing Crisis is also a Health Crisis
What’s encouraging is the spate of recent articles summarizing the success of the MHCC research initiative.  The Federal government is also trumpeting a series of “evidence-based” investments in housing in Vancouver, Edmonton, and rural Alberta based on the “Housing First” philosophy. You can find out more by enter “At Home Chez Soi” in Google and searching in the News.

  1. Interview with Lori Triano-Antidormi on NCR and Victim Rights’ Bills

Lori Triano-Antidormi is a psychologist who suffered the loss of her son to a mentally disordered individual, and has been a strong advocate against the NCR bill.  She is interviewed here:
Interview with Lori Triano-Antidormi

  1. Magic Mushrooms and Improved Moods

This article tries to summarize the connections between magic mushrooms, dreaming, emotions, and memories with the tentative conclusions that it has a positive effect:
Psychedelic Shrooms May have Positive Long-Term Effects on the Brain

  1. Why Doing Good Deeds Selflessly Can Improve Mental Health

Read about this study of adolescents who had a choice between selfish pleasure and altruistic deeds – and find out which group ended up mentally healthier:
Meaningful Activities Protect the Brain from Depression

  1. Beware – Caffeine Can Kill

An Ohio student overdosed on caffeine.  It turns out a teaspoon of powdered caffeine is equivalent to 30 cups of coffee – and can kill:
Caffeine Overdose Killed High School Senior, Coroner Finds

  1. Mad Pride 2014 (Toronto and Hamilton)
Mad Pride Toronto info is available here:
An Op-Ed in the Toronto Star provides some background for this event:
Mad Pride Toronto Seeks to Bring Mentally Ill into the Mainstream
Mad Pride Hamilton info is available here:
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