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OPDI NewsToGo Issue #389 – April 11, 2014

Highlights include: OPDI Internship Webinar; No Merger of ODSP and OW; Ontario Invests in Chronic Pain Supports; At Home/Chez Soi Results Released; “Real Time Crisis Intervention”; News; and More.


Editor’s Note:  Please be aware that many online newspaper sites are now behind pay-walls.  Not all articles with hyperlinks may be accessible due to circumstances beyond our control; we apologize for the inconvenience.


Editor’s Note:  Please be aware that many online newspaper sites are now behind pay-walls.  Not all articles with hyperlinks may be accessible due to circumstances beyond our control; we apologize for the inconvenience. To minimize the impact of pay-walls, consider regularly clearing your browser cookies.


1.   Upcoming OPDI Internship Webinar

Our next Internship webinar date is Wednesday, April 16, 2014 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm.  If you have completed the OPDI Peer Support Core Essentials™ Program and have received a level 1R you are invited to join if you wish.  If this time does not work for you there will be other webinars offered.  If you would like to attend the Internship webinar please email opdi@opdi.org with your name, the date and city of your training and the information to login will be sent to you.


2.   Provincial Government Will Not Merge ODSP and Ontario Works

This statement was made by Minister of Community and Social Services Ted McMeekin this past week in the Ontario Legislature and we have two media accounts to share with you:

No Merger of OW and ODSP

Ontario Nixes Merger of Province’s Two Welfare Programs


3.   Ontario Government Invests in Chronic Pain Supports

A peripheral benefit of focusing on chronic pain care is to reduce the incidence of narcotics misuse as stated in the press release:

Better Care for Patients with Chronic Pain


4.   Ontario Government Funds Community Health Centres

Buried in this press release is the suggestion that community mental health and addictions may be among the community services that will receive $60 million in capital funding over the next three years:

Investing in Community Health Infrastructure

We have stakeholder reaction in this article:

Ontario Hikes Funding for Community Health Centres


5.   At Home/Chez Soi Results Released by Mental Health Commission of Canada

The federal government press release is here:

Minister Bergen Applauds World-Leading Homelessness Study

The MHCC press release can be found here:

Ground-breaking Research Shows Housing Approach Working

As well, the website page on At Home/Chez Soi has been refreshed:

At Home

The Vancouver Sun has a series on the study including a report on the final summary:

Housing Homeless Costs The Same as Leaving Them on the Streets


6.   National Mental Health Training Standards Coming in June

This news report expands on the recent joint MHCC-CAPC Toronto conference and the expectation of mental health training standards for all police officers in the near future:

Police Chief Welcomes National Mental Health Training Standards


7.   B.C. Psychologist Disciplined for Diagnosing Mental Illness in Patient He Never Met

This so-called “healthcare professional” flagrantly abused his power:

Psychologist Diagnoses Mental Illness in Woman He Never Met



8.   Presentation on “Real Time Crisis Intervention”

This innovative developing practice where social media is used by a crisis team to outreach and de-escalate mental health situations was presented at the recent MHCC-CACP conference on mental health and the justice system and is now available:
Real Time Crisis Intervention Presentation


9.   “Why Can’t Canada Spend More on Mental Health?”

CMHA Toronto and MHCC point person Steven Lurie puts his contention that mental health is underfunded in this paper:

Why Can’t Canada Spend More on Mental Health?



10.Are You Attending the National Conference on Peer Support in Halifax?

Are you going to Halifax for National Conference on Peer Support this month? Are you passionate about inclusion, peer support, recovery & employment?  We are hoping to find people who can tell a compelling story on the importance of work, the power of recovery and the value of peer support.  For more information, please contact Neasa Martin neasamartin@primus.ca.


11.Reminder:  Submit a Recovery Resource (Deadline April 23, 2014)

Recovery inventory: Submit a recovery-oriented resource

The Mental Health Strategy for Canada (the Strategy) places recovery as a central tenet of its plan to improve the health and wellbeing of people with lived experience of mental health problems or illness. The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) is committed to encouraging dialogue and resource-sharing of recovery and recovery-oriented policies, programs and practices. Successful recovery-oriented initiatives are underway across the country and the Commission aims to support these efforts by: 
·          Sharing and showcasing leading and promising practices through the development of an online inventory of recovery oriented resources; 
·          Enabling ongoing dialogue on recovery; and
·          Developing recovery guidelines to encourage implementation across the mental health system.
MHCC is seeking your help in developing a publicly-available inventory of recovery-oriented resources. This inventory will be hosted by the MHCC Knowledge Exchange Centre and will benefit the entire mental health community. Your contribution is invaluable. As such, the Commission asks that you to click on the link below to submit a recovery-oriented resource, such as a program or initiative, a policy guideline, a website, or an article about recovery from your community or organization that you may be familiar with. 

Please feel free to collaborate with your colleagues on your response and/or share the link with others. The MHCC has contracted Charis Management Consulting Inc. (Charis) to assist with this process. Following the resource gathering phase, a Charis consultant may contact you to learn more about your recovery resource submission. 

The content you provide will be shared with members of the general public and people involved in the mental health sector. Please note that MHCC will immediately honour requests to withdraw submissions from the inventory.

For the initial information collection phase, MHCC asks that you please submit entries by April 23, 2014. A separate entry is required for each resource submission.

Please note that this will take at approximately 5-15 minutes of your time. Entries must be completed in one seating, as it will not be possible to save the submission and complete it at another time.
Thank you in advance for your support and involvement in this work. 
Please click the link below to submit your recovery-oriented resource.

Submit a recovery-oriented resource

General inquiries:

Despina Papadopoulos, Knowledge Broker
Mental Health Commission of Canada
100 Sparks Street, Suite 600
Ottawa, ON K1P 5B7
Phone: 613.683.3733
Fax: 613.798.2989
E-mail: dpapadopoulos@mentalhealthcommission.ca

Submission inquiries:

Lindsay Wodinski, Research Analyst
Charis Management Consulting Inc.
#418, 10123 – 99 Street
Edmonton, AB  T5J 3H1
Phone: 780.496.9067 ext. 231
Fax: 780.408.3229
E-mail: lindsay@charismc.com

The views represented herein solely represent the views of the Mental Health Commission of Canada.
Production of this document is made possible through a financial contribution from Health Canada.


12.Peer Trainer, Open Doors Project (CMHA Toronto)

The posting is open until April 22, 2014:



13.Peer Support Worker (Support for Depression) (CMHA York Region)

This posting is open until April 24, 2014:



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