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OPDI NewsToGo Issue #383 – February 28, 2014

Highlights include: OPDI Reaction to Charles McGillivray Inquest; OPDI Peer Support Training; Police Inquests Reactions; Edmond Yu Anniversary; Police in the ER; Children’s Mental Health; A Psychiatrist’s Story of Being On the Other Side; PSACC Conference Interim Schedule; SSO Policy Analyst Position; and More.


Editor’s Note:  Please be aware that many online newspaper sites are now behind pay-walls.  Not all articles with hyperlinks may be accessible due to circumstances beyond our control; we apologize for the inconvenience.



1.   Charles McGillivray Inquest Declares Death an “Accident”

The Toronto Star coverage on the verdict is here (the two-page verdict is included):

Coroner’s Jury Says Charles McGillivray’s Death at Hands of Toronto Police an Accident

Previous stories on the inquest are here:

Inquest Begins

Mother’s Cry Really Confused Me, Officer Tells Inquest

OPDI has shared a press release on the inquest (please see below).

Response to McGillivray Inquest


The Empowerment Council also issued a statement:



2.   Earlier Police Shootings Inquest Reactions and Provincial Watchdog Response

This is in the light of the earlier inquest of three Toronto police altercations with persons with mental health issues.

This Toronto Sun editorial is remarkably lucid and logical:

Get Serious About Reducing Police Shootings

The Toronto alternative weekly Now magazine reports on a lapel camera project initiative started by the Toronto Police Service:

Toronto Police to Test Body Cameras

The Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Barbara Hall testified at the inquest.  Here’s the OHRC’s response:

OHRC Praises Jury Recommendations and Calls for Action

Ontario’s police watchdog will also conduct a review of use-of-force tactics around people with mental health issues:

Provincial Watchdog to Review Use of Force by Toronto Police


3.   17th Anniversary of Edmond Yu Shooting

For those of you who recall the earlier police shooting of Edmond Yu, and quietly celebrate Edmond Place, the PARC housing project inspired by his memory, the Empowerment Council reminded us this past week there’s a lot left undone:



4.   Healthydebate.ca Looks at the Police and ER

A troika of medical researchers take a long and studied look at the role of the police and the emergency department:
Improving Hand Offs Between Police and Emergency Departments


5.   Mental Health Integration in Chatham-Kent

This story follows up on a year-long interval since the integration of the local CMHA and another community mental health agency:

Mental Health Providers Integrate for a More Seamless Service


6.   Children and Youth Mental Health Care Surveyed in Ontario Hospitals

A published study found geographical inconsistencies in access to hospital mental health care for non-adults throughout Ontario:

Gaps in Ontario Children and Youth Mental Health Care

In a follow-up letter to the newspaper, the CEO of Children’s Mental Health Ontario makes the equally valid point of the importance of community mental health agencies that also serve this population:



7.   Children’s Mental Health in Hamilton – A CBC Series

The CBC’s Hamilton bureau is doing an excellent series on children’s mental health.  The conclusion is here; you can access the earlier articles by clicking on the right-hand menu of the webpage:

Kids, Poverty and Mental Health:  Building Community Solutions


8.   Stigma-Busting in Durham County

Is a stigma-busting approach that reaches out to the educational system the best way to educate around mental health?  This award-winning Durham program has a lot of believers:

TAMI Earns Praise at Stomping Out Stigma Summit



9.   Cortisol and Male Teen Depression

Here’s a story discussing teen depression and a possible test for it in teenage boys by assessing their level of cortisol (the so-called stress chemical):



10.The Psychiatrist as Mental Health Consumer – A First-Person Account

This is a rare and brave voice:



11.Why U.S. Drug Policy is Wrong

This piece in the British Medical Journal looks at why the punitive drug policy of the United States does not work:

Why the U.S. Needs to Change its Drug Policy



12.OPDI Peer Support Training

Dear Colleagues;

OPDI has been organizing March peer support classes for a number of our member organizations, and we have a few extra seats for sale in each class.  We are forwarding the attached poster and application forms for North Bay, London and Welland classes. 

Please note, this course is for people who identify as mental health peers, persons with lived experience, consumer/survivors or people in recovery, and who wish to be trained for the purpose of gaining some of the core skills needed to work or volunteer as a mental health peer supporter. This is not trainer training.

Seats are limited.  Please apply by March 5th.

Please refer to the four attachments for full details.

London OPDI training March 2014

North Bay OPDI training March 2014

OPDI peer support training winter 2014

Welland OPDI training March 2014


13.National Conference on Peer Support Tentative Schedule Now Available

The tentative conference schedule of the first National Conference on Peer Support in Halifax is now available.  Registration can be accessed on the left-side menu on the webpage:



14.Registration Required:  PREFER Summit (Provincial Peer Supporters) -- repeat

PREFER SUMMIT - Saturday, March 8, 2014
Time:  10:00am-5:00pm
Location:  Branson Site -- North York General Hospital, Auditorium (lower level) Toronto, ON (Finch Ave. W. west of Bathurst Street)

This exciting upcoming Provincial event requires that you MUST REGISTER for this event if you would like to attend.  

This is a FREE provincial conference open to the community focused on Innovation in Peer Support.  Everyone is welcome to attend, so please share/post/distribute/forward the flyer and invite friends, family, peers, people you are supporting, or your supporters to attend.  

Spaces are limited!  We expect to be sold out before the event.  

Registration can be done directly online by visiting: http://prefersummit2014.eventbrite.ca.
The poster is available here (check the end of the February 21st entry):



15.Webinar on Lived Experience and Mental Health and Addictions (repeat)

Webinar: Lived Experience and Family Advocates, Peers, System Planners, and Speakers: Embedded from Community to Systems

Evidence Exchange Network (EENet)
Tuesday, March 11, 2014 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (EDT)

People with lived experience of mental health and addiction and family members are enacting social change and working to improve systems like never before.
Join a FREE webinar about:
·          Diverse roles that people with lived experience in Ontario are taking on and ways they’re organizing for social change and peer support.
·          The key principle of “nothing about us without us.”
·          Strategies to create meaningful partnerships.

About the presenters:

Betty-Lou Kristy is a lived- experience/ family provincial systems-level advisor/consultant and advocate who additionally provides peer support and outreach at a community level for mental health, addiction, trauma, and bereavement.

Allan Strong is Team Lead at Skills for Safer Living, the Centre for Excellence in Peer Support, Self‐Help Alliance. For the past 25 years, Allan has held various positions in the mental health and addiction system, ranging from front-line staff in a supportive housing program to coordinator of the Ontario Self-Help Network.

Who should attend: Service providers; clinicians; individuals involved in systems-level governance, policy, and planning; persons with lived experience/self-identified family; and peer support workers.

Sign up for this webinar today! Registration is FREE but space is limited.

You will receive the login details once you’ve registered.
For more information contact rossana.coriandoli@camh.ca



16.Policy Analyst Position (SSO)

Please refer to the attachment from the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario.  The deadline is March 10, 2014.

Policy Analysist Posting. Feb 2014

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